Flying Legends at Kassel-Calden Airfield
(May 24th, 1998)

For fans of airshows, I scanned some of the nicest photos I shot at the Kassel Airshow from my private album. Unfortunately, the weather was anything but nice.

P51KS.jpg (31345 Byte)
   P-51D "Old Crow" prior to flight display


Fi156.jpg (35173 Byte)
Morane-Saulnier MS.505, c/n 269, a license-built  Fieseler "Storch" Fi 156, which was, in contrast to the MS.505, powered by an Argus 10 C engine.
Spitfire3.jpg (21883 Byte)
Mark Hanna returning from flight display with his Spitfire Mk IX
Spitfire2.jpg (27938 Byte)
   Mark Hanna taxiing back after refueling his MH 434
Mark Hanna's Spitfire is currently bearing the markings of the Polish Squadron in the RAF, in which exiled Polish pilots fought together with the Allies after their country had surrendered to Nazi Germany. Emblem.jpg (35657 Byte)
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